Our Beach Condo Renovation-Dining Room Reveal

In 2022 Hurricane Ian ripped through Sanibel Island Florida and devastated so much (including our little beach condo). After 15 months, we were finally able to complete our renovation. I’m so excited to be sharing Our Beach Condo Renovation-Dining Room Reveal with you! My goal was to make it serene and beachy and I think we accomplished that. One of the biggest changes we made (that also made the biggest difference) was the flooring. Our HOA finally approved the use of Luxury Vinyl flooring rather than carpet. While I wish we could have used tile or hardwood, I’m just grateful that we were able to get rid of the carpet (because Carpet + Beach = no bueno!)! The flooring we used is out of stock but THIS LVP FLOORING is similar and I absolutely love the look of it!

Our Beach Condo Renovation-Dining Room Reveal

The dining area previously had a built in china cabinet that we had to remove because it had water damage from the leak in the roof. We decided to replace it with THIS 4-DOOR CONSOLE rather than go to the expense of another built-in. I’m happy with that decision as the upper shelves from the old one were really just decorative and the storage was in the lower cabinets so we didn’t really lose anything there. The space feels much larger and more open now without the built-in.

Beach condo before renovation

As you can see, We were able to save the dining table but that’s about it. And I’m so glad because I love THIS DINING TABLE and it is still available! The old chandelier actually caught on fire while were there working one day. Slade was able to put it out immediately but it was a scary moment! I replaced it with A SIMILAR CHANDELIER. Like I said, this has been quite the adventure! As difficult as it was, I’m glad we were able to refresh our little beach condo. It feels so nice now!

I tried to be budget conscious when I was shopping and I found quite a few things on Amazon like THIS BEACH ARTWORK. Another budget-friendly find were THESE DINING CHAIRS They are so pretty in person and so affordable!


This little alcove(above) used to be a wall of shelves and we decided to add a 12 inch cabinet to make it more functional and give a little bit more storage. We topped it with a butcher block top and added THESE SEAGLASS KNOBS and THESE SHELVES which were a find from WALMART.


One of my favorite things in the dining area is THIS DECORATIVE SURFBOARD. It was an ETSY find and it just adds a little bit of fun to the space.

This renovation was a lot work but I enjoyed getting to put it all back together! I hope you enjoyed Our Beach Condo Renovation-Dining Room Reveal! I’ll be sharing the other living spaces soon! As always, thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this post, you might also like Old Florida Style Beach Cottage –Get The Look as well as Amazon Best Budget-Friendly Neutral Coastal Decor Finds.

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2 thoughts on “Our Beach Condo Renovation-Dining Room Reveal

  1. We are a couple of months behind you in our post Ian rebuild. We are still working on new roof, siding and well…walls for our ground level! Love what you have done!

    1. Aww, I’m sorry you had so much damage. I hope you are getting close to the finish line! It’s been HARD!