30+ Great Movies To Watch While Staying Home

30+ Great Movies To Watch While Staying Home


Since the President has extended the “Social Distancing” Guidelines and the Governor here in Florida has finally issued a “Stay At Home” order, I thought you might like some movie and TV suggestions to help you through these hard times.


But before we dive into the list, have you heard of kids-in-mind.com? It’s a a movie rating and review site that has always been my go-to for checking out movies that I want to know about before I take my kids. And while it is a review site, it’s also so much more. They get into depth about violence, language, and give specifics so that you can make good informed decisions about the movies your children watch. I highly recommend it!


We have been watching one movie a night with the kiddos and they love it! Last night we watched “Onward”. It was so good! I asked my family what movies they suggest we watch while we’re home and this is the actual list they gave me. I’ve added my favorites too. The kids will only be watching the choices from the kid’s list!


The Kids (Tweens)List:

Avengers Movies

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movies

Star Wars Movies

Harry Potter Movies

Spiderman Movies


The Greatest Showman

Toy Story Movies


The Sandlot

Frozen 2




The Hubby’s List:

**Not appropriate for all ages-Do your research!**

Grown Ups

Wedding Crashers

Stepbrothers Movies

Meet the Parents

Meet the Fockers

A River Runs Through It

Legends Of The Fall


Fast and Furious Movies

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Master & Commander


My List:

**Not appropriate for all ages-Do your research!**

Under The Tuscan Sun

When Harry Met Sally

Waiting To Exhale

It’s Complicated

Crazy Rich Asians

The Hangover Movies

Hunger Games

Harry and The Hendersons

You’ve Got Mail

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Little Women



The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel– One of my faves!

Bloodline– Slade and I Were OBSESSED with this series!

Tiger King-I think we are the only people on the planet that haven’t seen this show yet. It is definitely on our list

Dirty John- I’m in the middle of this one now!

Mad Men- I haven’t watched this yet!

Friends-no explanation needed!

Dope or Nope (on You Tube) I don’t know why, but the kids and  I are curiously intrigued by this ridiculous show!



 What movies and shows  are you watching? Let me know and I will update the list! Stay healthy and happy! Thanks for reading!


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