40 Great Holiday Movies To Watch Right Now

40 Great holiday moviesHi Friend!

I hope you’re having a great week! This is such a busy time of year for everyone! We are doing our Christmas shopping, planning our cookie baking, getting together with a few friends here and there and just really enjoying the season.

Watching holiday movies together is one of my twin’s favorite holiday traditions. They like to get hot chocolate , a big bowl of popcorn and snuggle up. Every night we watch a different Christmas movie. Last night we watched The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two. It was cute.

I’ve compiled a list of 40 Great Holiday Movies To Watch Right Now and wanted to share that with you in case you were looking for suggestions. Some of them are classics that we love and some we’ve never seen but are on our movie bucket list. They’re broken  into three categories for you because there are a few that are definitely geared more to adults. Enjoy!

Click on the image below for the printable version!

40 Great holiday movies

40 Great Holiday Movies To Watch Right Now

Click on the image above for the printable version.



Here are some other things you might need to make movie night extra cozy!



I hope you enjoyed  the post 40 Great Holiday Movies To Watch Right Now! My kids and I had fun putting this together for you! For more holiday inspiration, check out my gift guides here! Also, check out my posts Cocktails & Charcuterie and 30+ Movies To Watch While Staying Home for more cozy ideas!


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